Sun Health Medical Clinic is committed to helping you optimize your health and happiness!

You can enjoy health care in a cheerful, clean, clear, compassionate, comprehensive, confidential, efficient, genuine, quality, informative, organized, positive, professional, respectful, responsible, and safe manner.  We strive to provide you the best medical care always.



You name it and we probably treat it.

The specialty is called Family Medicine, which means full spectrum healthcare* for both genders and all ages.


Prevention focuses on PROACTIVELY preventing problems and promoting health.  If you are healthy, that is excellent.  If you have health issue(s), you are encouraged to get better (and set goals).  Even if you are healthy, be up-to-date on your routine health screening (visit our Library).  We practice integrative medicine emphasizing simple healthy lifestyle choices (such as nutrition, activity/exercise, and attitude) combined with the best of up-to-date modern medicine.

You can have a partnership with your physician and health care team and be on a first name basis with us.  We are here to help you when you need us and offer a comprehensive history, physical, assessment, and plan.  We listen carefully and explain things simply and clearly with written easy-to-understand instructions about what to do to take care of your healthWe encourage you to ask questions

We promote optimal quality with simplicity and minimal bureaucracy. This is one-of-a-kind healthcare for Very Important People like you!  All complaints, concerns, questions, suggestions, requests, and comments, however slight, that are brought to our attention immediately and directly are taken seriously and we encourage open and honest communication. We have been here for our patients for 10+ years.



* Unless you are in the hospital or terminally ill, any "Drug Enforcement Agency Controlled Substance with Abuse/Dependence Potential" medication (such as marijuana, amphetamines, narcotic pain medication, sedative-hypnotic, or benzodiazepine) will be referred out to a specialist for a state-mandated "Tamper-Resistant Rx" and you can receive support from your doctor here to wean down as tolerated.  Additional Services provided here are Venipuncture (blood draw), Urine Drug Screen, Immigration Examination, Travel Medicine (including Yellow Fever vaccination), Surgical Assist, Hospital Medicine, and Home Visits (for terminally ill).